School Tour

School Entrance

Here is the school entrances from the road and the main reception.

The Canteen for Breakfast and Lunch

The Canteen is where you can have some breakfast before school starts, a fantastically varied lunch or if you are staying on the house you will have your tea here. See the website for updated menus each week!

The Reception and Meeting Rooms

These are the areas that the office staff work and where meetings take place. 


This is an area of the school for some young people who really struggle to particpate in the larger classes. If you access this area then you will be taught in really small groups in these rooms but you will also access lessons in the main school area. For more information about the LINK access the Classes area and take a look at the page.

Therapies, Counselling and Nurture Base

We are extremely lucky to have supportive interventions focusing on Mental Health, Well-Being and Social Communication. Students are referred to our highly trained staff by external agencies, parents and school staff for the extra support they need.


Our 24 hour curriculum is available for the majority of our students in the CWAC area from KS2 until the end of year 9.

Pupils can access After School Clubs (ASC) and overnight stays for a maximum of two nights per week during school term. 

As well as providing After School activities and trips, this supports their social interactions and develops resilience in the community.

Each student has their own bedroom and the residential unit is staffed by experienced members of the Care Team.

For further information, please contact the school.

Key Stage 2

At Archers Brook we are lucky enough to have Key Stage 2 provision. It is only for Year 5's and 6's with maximum amount of eight young people. This provision is hugely successful for supporting students who have struggled to access mainstream environments.


The school looks like a small version of a mainstream school. The environment has been specially designed to support the learning of all students. Classroom environments are specifically layed out in a low sensory way and corridors are well lit and neutral. All students follow a full curriculum from Y5 to Y11.

Outdoor Space

Archers Brook has a great outdoor environment. The space is used for Forest Schools, Horticulture, Sport and Break Times. We are lucky to have lots of wildlife in our pond as well!

Contact the School

Archers Brook School

Chester Road
Great Sutton
Ellesmere Port
CH66 2NA

Opening Times:
Monday - Friday: 08:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Main Contact: June Sedgwick

Tel: 0151 832 6600