Our Way of Working

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OWOW Lead: Mrs S Myers-Whittaker

At Archers Brook School we recognise the importance of building safe, supportive relationships with the children, young people and families that we work with. By applying the principles of ‘Our Way of Working’ we celebrate our settings ability to apply a trauma informed approach.

Our Way of Working is about developing a common and consistent approach to working with families.  It has been researched and driven forward by the Children’s Trust and has a strong preventative approach at all levels across the continuum of need. It is based on shared language and shared understanding across all partners.

Through ‘Thinking Family’, it is our intention that our core offer:

  • Promotes resilience and strength in families and individuals
  • Ensures all members of our school community are enabled to make and experience change for the better in all that they do, from their individual starting points
  • That change is a sustainable and empowering experience.

We feel strongly that through applying our shared understanding of trauma informed practice during all levels of interaction at Archers Brook School, by truly considering what has happened, we can only then consider what next as a shared experience. We do not make promises we cannot keep, we do not act in locum for other agencies but with this set of standards we act in tandem with professionals and with our children, young people and families to create or signpost targeted support.

For further information about Our Way of Working, follow the link below:


West Cheshire Childrens Trust - Our Way of Working

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