In Music we encourage everyone to explore their creativity through practical sessions. They learn to play musical instruments such as Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboard, Piano, Singing, Ukulele and more. We also encourage the use of technology to create and play Music in our brand new, purpose built recording studio.

Students are encouraged to play to their strengths and are self motivated to engage in projects to improve their confidence and understanding of the subject in a way that interests them.

Students have the opportunity to take part in instrumental tuition with specialist Guitar and Drum tutors and the school works closely with Edsential Music Service to provide lessons, workshops and opportunities for students.


The work is practical and students are allowed to choose which instruments and music they would like to play. They join together in small groups to form bands where they are encouraged to take leadership roles and ownership over their music making. They also work individually practising and refining their skills. Many students enjoy creating and manipulating music using the iPad or computer.


At KS4 students can continue on their musical journey by taking Rock School qualifications (RSL Level 2 Music Practitioners). The Peformance Pathway allows pupils to improve their rehearsal skills and put on live performances and the Technology Pathway allows pupils an insight into sound production and live recording techniques.

Extra Curricular 

Students can take part in extra Music making during break times Monday-Wednesday. It's a great time to join together with students from other year groups and combine the skills we have learnt individually. We encourage staff and pupils to join in with singing together at special occasions such as Christmas.

Useful Links

Look up Chords and Tabs to practice on your instrument:

Make your own Music at home using this free online DAW:


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