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The Link is a bespoke provision at Archers Brook for pupils with ASC and communication needs who present challenging behaviours often linked (but not exclusively) to ADHD and ODD.

The Link is an integration provision meaning that we aim to support pupil's working towards a transition into our main school. Pupils are taught practical subjects in school to prepare them for moving around school as well as familiarise them with their peers and other teaching staff.

Social Needs
Pupils with ASC and communication needs commonly have difficulties in the area of social development. In the Link’s small group setting, pupils have the opportunity to engage with one another in a controlled environment. Social stories and PSD sessions are a key tool in encouraging their social development. Our pupils typically have their own social target as set in the EHCP.

Communication Needs
To support our pupils communication needs we have various strategies in place to support them individually. Pupils are supported whether it’s through visual aids, prompts or staff scribing, our key tool is using visual reminders, timetables and rules. Our pupils typically have their own communication target as set in the EHCP.

What is ASC?

Autism is a lifelong condition, which affects how a person communicates, interacts socially, and can present difficulties or differences for the person in their thinking, imagination and sensitivity of their senses. As a spectrum condition, individuals with autism will share similar difficulties; however the way in which autism will impact on the individual is unique.

Sensory difficulties are becoming increasingly prominent in pupils with ASC and communication needs. Some children with autism can be more sensitive than usual to envionrmental stimuli such as noise, light, clothing or temperature. Other children with ASC and communication needs can have lowered sensitivity levels.


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