The School Business and Site Manager is Mrs June Sedgwick who manages the Admin, Kitchen, Domestics, Cleaners and Maintenance Staff.

Mrs Katie Skinner is the PA to the Headteacher and SLT,  Mrs Gillian Griffiths is the Finance Administrator. She had worked for the LA and local schools for many years, Mrs Georgia Dixon is our School Clerical Assistant. Georgia deals with Reception – telephones and visitors, pupil’s lunches, damage, taxis and other clerical related duties.

The Team enjoy working together. It is hard work and very busy but we all do our best to give outstanding service for the benefit of the pupils and staff.


Mr Derek Edwards is employed as the School Maintenance Officer and a new addition to the team due to the retirement of the previous Assistant Caretaker is Mr Martin Mullen.  They work together extremely well and the staff and pupils appreciate their hard work with keeping the site running.

The School Business Manager is continuing to work with Mr Edwards on a five-year plan/long term vision for the buildings and grounds, funding has to be secured for some of the projects. This will continue to be presented to the Headteacher, SLT and the Governors for their views at SLT and Sub-Committee Meeting.


Mrs Hayley Farrelly the Cook in Charge with Mrs Stacey Morgan and Mrs Angela Stanley Assistant Cooks, Mrs Helen Foster and Mrs Meryl Williams make up the rest of this valuable team.

Mrs Farrelly prepares a menu each week and is excellent at ensuring there is always a variety of food and new ideas to try to entice the pupils to try new meals, all kept within the guidelines.  Pupils do have an input on meals, each term the pupils who stay on residence are asked for their views.

All the food is prepared from fresh ingredients and following the Healthy Eating regime.   

There are two lunch sittings every day with the year groups mixed.

Meryl and Helen cover the cleaning of the house and residence, they work extremely hard to keep the areas fresh and clean, the staff and pupils really appreciate, how clean the areas are when they arrive in work in, which gives a good start to the day.

Meryl is always looking for money saving ideas getting the best value at all times and along with Helen raises funds for the School Charity.


At the present time the School is part of the Magic Breakfast scheme.  Unfornately, due to COVID we no longer have the facility to host Breakfast Club in the canteen but we ensure no pupil goes hungry and breakfast packs are provided for each form group. This ensures all pupils start the day by having had a drink and some nourishing food to eat, which gives them the energy to concentrate in the class and do well in lessons.

Magic Breakfast had continued to deliver during the COVID crisis and have been delivering breakfast packs to pupils at home.  


Miss Juliet Williams and Mrs Lynette Quirk are the School Cleaners and work very hard to keep the School sparkling.



Contact the School

Archers Brook School

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Opening Times:
Monday - Friday: 08:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Main Contact: June Sedgwick

Tel: 0151 832 6600