Covid-19 Work to be Completed

Access via computer, tablet or mobile phone (available as an app)

ALL Children have been given their passwords and log-ons. However, these can be given out if needed by contacting school or they can set up their own account from the start.

Worksheets will be sent out periodically for completion via email.



French has been added onto the curriculum replacing Spanish.

As is it is a new subject for all students from KS2 and KS3 they will be following a basic curriculum learning the basics including; Introductions, objects, numbers, letters, months, sports and lots more.

Students will be able to connect sentences and understand basic French. They will be assessed on writing, speaking and listening were this will be used to ascertain their end of year final attainment.

If you would like to learn more french at home then you can access BBC Bitesize or perhaps look at an app such as DuoLingo.


Monsieur Westwater


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