Care & Residential

What do pupils do?

At Archers Brook School we offer a 24 hour curriculum that adds fun, along with a variety of activities and opportunities to enhance the learning experience for our pupils.

Our purpose is to provide a well managed and structured facility to meet the nurturing, social, emotional, behavioural and moral needs of the pupils who access our onsite provision.

We do this by providing a safe, secure, stimulating environment, where our pupils can develop, grow and have opportunities to experience a vast array of onsir=te and community based activities, which challenge and encourage their personal development at every level.
Young people are encouraged to build strong, positive relationships with staff and each other in order to provide emotional building blocks for personal and social development.

All pupils are welcome to experience the residential provision and can gain access to residence by approaching care staff themselves. .  If a need has been identified through the pupil’s annual review, care planning or negotiation with Parents/Carers, they can request access to the residential provision. This in turn can be short term or long term stay, dependent on the needs and wishes of all involved and the provision is tailored to meet the individual pupil.

Whilst in residence pupil's wishes are sought in the nomination of a keyworker, who works closely with them during their time in residence.  The keyworker will communicate successes, progress made and achievements with Parents/Carers and other Para-professionals as well as completing reports, setting targets, helping pupils achieve goals and express their feelings and wishes.  

What do pupils think?

Year 7 Pupil Jack

"I enjoy the house because I get my own room and the tea is really nice. You get lots of choices for activities like swimming and Xbox. You can also win prizes."

Year 9 Pupil Chad

"I like playing football and there are lots of different activities to do"

Year 11 pupil Jack

"I really enjoy staying on the house. I get my own room in Independence bungalow, so I get to do my own shopping and cooking."

Year 9 Pupil Lucas

"I enjoy staying on the house because the food is nice and I get my own room. I also enjoy going to the boxing."

Slimming World Donations

The Wonderful ladies in Slimming World in Little Sutton have been doing a great job again this year in raising money for Care and Residence here at Archers Brook. Last Christmas they presented us with a cheque for £550 and lots of Christmas goodies.  This money was used to buy new toys, equipment and to help us fund our activities and special trips out. Without their continued help and support we would not be able to do this. 

They have also donated lots of toiletries, food and treats this year.

Our pupils are very grateful and their help has made a huge difference to us recently.


November 2017 - Ellesmere Port Fire Service

Many thanks to Andy Gray -  Watch manager with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, who came to school, gave our pupils advice on road safety awareness and also  donated a large amount of front and rear lights for the school bikes!  The pupils were very excited, now we can use our bikes safely in the dark! 







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